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Planetary Society Blog
A guide to interesting stuff going on in space science, space exploration, and space advocacy.

  • Pretty Pictures of the Cosmos: Lesser-Known Luminaries
    Award-winning astrophotographer Adam Block shares some of his latest images highlighting some hidden gems.

  • OSIRIS-REx sees Bennu spewing stuff into space
    The asteroid's rotation rate is also increasing, and scientists continue refining the plan to collect a regolith sample next year.

  • The March Equinox Issue of The Planetary Report Is Out!
    I’m very pleased to announce the publication of the March Equinox issue of The Planetary Report: “Inside the Ice Giants.” The print issue shipped to members yesterday!

  • Where We Are
    Emily Lakdawalla introduces an at-a-glance spacecraft locator to The Planetary Report.

  • The Skies of Mini-Neptunes
    A GREAT QUEST is underway to discover Earthsize worlds in their stars’ habitable zones. Along the way, astronomers have been surprised to learn that the most typical size of planet in our galaxy is one with no counterpart in our own solar system.

  • A Kepler Orrery
    As of mission end on 30 October 2018, Kepler had detected 1,815 planets or planet candidates in multi-planet systems. All 726 such systems are drawn here.

  • The Realm of the Ice Giants
    Imagine 2 icy worlds far from the Sun. Their serene, blue atmospheres. Huge, ominous-looking storms. Tantalizing glimpses of moons with exotic, icy terrains. Delicate sets of encircling rings.

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